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Originally written by Jeff Sherman for St George Health and Wellness Magazine. You are experiencing true desires to change. You want to be a better person, a better friend. You recognize the need to balance your life. You are thinking of family and prosperity, health and fitness, spirituality and depth. Begin anew in 2017 The following exercise […]

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Written by Jeff Sherman. First published in Southern Utah Neighbors Magazine  “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” –William Shakespeare To achieve greatness is noteworthy indeed. To inspire greatness in others is an act of bravery and nobility. Brave leaders create leaders. They purposely see the greatness within […]

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First printed in Southern Utah Neighbors Magazine January 2016 I am amazed at how tightly the fabric of service, gratitude, and success are interwoven; rarely inseparable in my opinion. To illustrate this paradigm, I share my recent interview with GoZunder owners Nigel Gillingham and his son Michael Gillingham. Nigel explained how the idea for an […]

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Originally posted to LinkedIn Pulse 11/30/2015 Once, while I was fly fishing on the Weber River, a fawn forded the river and walked up to me nestling her neck into my side. She and I stood still sharing that moment as I stroked her neck watching the morning mist rise off of the water. Autumn leaves lined […]

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Notice what happens to your energy when you speak highly of others. Affirmations leave you feeling invigorated. Happy. I enjoyed lunch the other day with my friend Wes Winsor of Wes Winsor Law. He reminds me of the fictional superhero Captain America captured in popular American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Genuine. Happy. Resolute. […]

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First published in St George Health and Wellness Magazine August 2015 written by Jeff Sherman Romance is a beautiful thing. Magical actually. And every woman deserves it. I have learned much over the years and can attest that the “little things” mean everything in a relationship. Today, I write about chivalry, the gracious and well […]

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