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December 6, 2012  St George, Utah: Winning this years Corporate Alliance Southern Utah CARMA Award, Jeff Sherman, VP Fulfillment at Innovation Simple, was honored at the Dixie Convention Center. The prestigious CARMA Award (Corporate Alliance Relationship Mastery Award) represents the voice of the southern Utah members in selecting who they feel exemplifies the Learn, Serve, […]

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Dive in. Get networking and grow your business. Great, but what is networking? Let’s begin with what business networking is not. It is not purchasing a list of leads, cold calling them, and touting your business prowess. There is no short road to networking. Its getting out of the office. Its getting to know people, […]

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Scenario: Your efforts have contributed extensively to company market share. Senior executives have invited you to present during an upcoming annual convention. When this happens to you, will you be ready? Will you be calm and collected, prepared to address the crowd? Or will your blood pressure go up! Many speakers likely experience dry mouth, […]

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All management positions are occupied by leaders: True or False? Answer: False. Leadership can be cultivated. It can be discovered within an employee, or it can be acquired. But to better understand how to identify leadership, we must first understand a common and problematic practice relative to management. Candidates are frequently placed into leadership roles […]

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by Jeff Sherman, VP Fulfillment, Innovation Simple Concept The universal concept of corporate strength emerging from common goals is not new to the business world. We know that people working together accomplish greater end results than individuals seeking so to do alone.  Such a culture will define a people or a company. However, culture is […]

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Planning a speech? The first 30 seconds will determine your success. What others have said and done is irrelevant. This is your speech and the audience will be seeking something authentic. They can smell poor preparation and mediocrity from the parking lot. Learn from the best, but don’t copy them. That is a common mistake […]

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