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Nothing thwarts fulfillment like the mundane. Some like to write. Others read. Some like to play lacrosse or ride dirt bikes in the sand dunes. Discovering the ambitions, talents, and proficiencies of employees increases the likelihood of creating opportunity for growth. I strongly advocate that leaders draw upon the excellence of those around them to create a […]

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Find you. If the following statement is true of others, what happens when we are skeptical of ourselves or when we doubt ourselves? “People rise and fall to meet your level of expectations. If you express skepticism and doubt in others, they will return your lack of confidence with mediocrity. But if you believe in […]

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Originally published in St George Health and Wellness Magazine Mar/Apr 2014 Consider the awe-inspiring human body; the beauty and complexity. The resiliency. When healthy, the body is capable of achieving optimum fitness and agility. ’’Lifestyle changes that include healthier diets, regular physical activity, and weight loss of 7%-10% have shown phenomenal health benefits that can […]

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Marriage is a beautiful thing. Magical really. I have learned a lot over the years and I can tell you that little things mean everything to women. Let’s make a list of ways a guy can let his spouse know that he loves her. We will discuss good, better, and best practices. Make her dinner? […]

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You are searching for work. You are highly talented. Smart. Yet you feel that your responses to online job postings must be dropping into some black abyss. No one calls. No one emails you. Days go by. You feel the job search blues beginning to set in. Wait! You can rise above. Paint it Differently The […]

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First written for LinkedIn. Prepositioning your opportunities is a high priority when it comes to growing business relationships. Here are a few tips that can really improve your results. 1) Set time aside at the beginning of your workweek to identify the names of five individuals with whom you wish to become more acquainted. Always […]

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