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It was nearly 5:00 pm as I left the county library, my last chance effort to meet publishing deadline for a local magazine. It had been a rough two weeks. Multiple speaking venues. Multiple topics. Board meetings. 13 business meetings in 13 locations. It was Friday and I was spent. The rain pattered upon my […]

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In a seven day period, the current number of U.S. high school drop-outs would fill the entire Kentucky collegiate football stadium (approx. 58,000 to 60,000 seats). Thats 8300 failing students per day. 36% of them will not complete the ninth grade. 3,030,000 students a year will receive no diploma.  Life for the high school dropout is […]

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I am amazed by the sincere and unyielding service I witness in mothers. All that is special and wonderful about life can be summed up by viewing a mother teaching a child. Reflect for a moment upon the teachings of your mother. She shaped your character, taught you about God, about manners, and the importance […]

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With the recent passing of my father, I was again reminded that the most important things in life aren’t things, that relationships and memories are lasting, and that greatness is found within a person. I am therefore planning a strategic “midlife crisis.” Associated with my crisis, are the following guidelines: In 10 days or less I […]

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Action and Confidence create Strength. Find what it is you do well and excel that direction.

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