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I often hear people say that their resume “will make them look good.” Try it the other way around; be authentic. Be truthful. Be the “good” you wish to appear.   Originality Place into your resume the things that make you unique. Originality is refreshing, especially in print. Imagine if the tables were turned. What characteristics and […]

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Success is seeded in the rich soil of daily tasks. Discard any notion that success only happens when you become President, CEO, or Principal of the company. Do today’s tasks excellently. Never allow mediocrity to rob you of your valor. Stay true to the way your honorable parents raised you. You are unique. Age doesn’t […]

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From: Undisputed Expert TrainersDate: Friday, May 10th Noon to 4:00 pm On Friday, May 10th at 12 noon, Business Growth Experts Jeff Sherman, Andy King and Jon Bingham will be conducting a 4 hour workshop for anyone who is ready to create more streams of income, to separate themselves from the competition, and generate more customers. The workshop […]

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Capture the Name Effective business professionals share a common ideal. They value others. Beginning with capturing and utilizing names, they seek to build relationships. You have likely heard someone say “I’m bad at names” as they stumble with recall. It can happen to anyone. Here’s an easy fix. While meeting someone for the first time, […]

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Consider the parable of the cookie:  XYC company decides to create a great selling cookie. They plan to build business via loads of advertising. “After we make a lot of money we will use it to make the cookies actually taste good!” This backwards mentality is obviously warped. But how real is it?  Resolve to […]

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Like many of you, business travel provides me with great learning opportunities. I frequently use them in my consulting and training as similes or metaphors. This one taught me the most.  A few years ago, General Motors held a grand training for their prestigious Cadillac Division at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel, renown for customer […]

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