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10) Master listening before speaking. 9) Aim for the heart. 8) Fluff is for pillows, speak on purpose. 7) “Ready–FIRE!–aim” reduces your chances. 6) Find a mentor. Free advice is too expensive! 5) Body language is vital. Review past speeches with the sound muted. 4) Eye to eye connectivity draws in the audience. 3) Humor […]

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Why does digital marketing require quality content, human voice, and financial investment? Because content marketing, including social media, is highly sought after:  1) It’s the buzz 2) It is affordable, 3) It provides easy access to many people across multiple technological platforms. Consider digital marketing as a key dynamic of your well designed marketing strategy. […]

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The following thought is fictitious yet very typical of the magic of children. Have you been child-like today?  What good can come from a delayed flight? The rain against the glass matched the mood. Sullen, sunless. I would be late getting home. As I sat reading my cell phone messages, a photo popped up. It was […]

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by Jeff Sherman, COO Innovation Simple What was more fun for you as a child, eating the ice cream or hearing the music of the ice cream truck in your neighborhood and frantically raiding your piggy bank racing to catch the truck? Thinking back, I believe it was the whole “experience” that what made buying ice […]

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When it comes to speaking, this photo says it all. Though we fail in our infancy, begin we must. After all, we’re speakers. We were born to speak. It is important that we realize that communication is much more than the ability to convey a message. Communication is about having the right stuff and knowing […]

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