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Notice what happens to your energy when you speak highly of others. Affirmations leave you feeling invigorated. Happy. I enjoyed lunch the other day with my friend Wes Winsor of Wes Winsor Law. He reminds me of the fictional superhero Captain America captured in popular American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Genuine. Happy. Resolute. […]

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First published in St George Health and Wellness Magazine August 2015 written by Jeff Sherman Romance is a beautiful thing. Magical actually. And every woman deserves it. I have learned much over the years and can attest that the “little things” mean everything in a relationship. Today, I write about chivalry, the gracious and well […]

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When you next speak you will be ready. You will be calm, collected, and prepared to address the crowd, right? It could happen. Here’s how. Begin by changing the way you look at nervousness. Some years ago, my youngest son was preparing for a very competitive soccer game. He explained to his older brother that […]

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  Human capacity and resolve is epic, restrained only by distraction. The four elements of CORE™ Theory —Character, Opportunity, Relationship, andEducation are central to evolution in business, home, and life. Combined these elements promote growth. When any element is missing, the consequence is limitation.  

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CORE™ Theory Marketing is a strategy, a tool. Growing a business requires a tool box.  1. Read and discuss Marketing 101: 2. See example of ShermanSpeaksMarketingPlan 3. Read example of going after your dream. 4.  LI 102 Workbook pages onsite    

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  Being fitted for a horseback adventure, I saw a horse from a distance and had a feeling that this would be the one. You may have felt this way about a business opportunity, a scholastic proposition, or a career choice. The horse was a black spirited filly with dark eyes and a thick black mane. She was strong. Bold. […]

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