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Communication is about having the right stuff and knowing how to use it. The size of the audience is only a detail. Speaking impacts the success of your business. It impacts your educational pursuits. It impacts your outreach to the community in which you live. It is important that we realize that communication is much […]

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Originally, I wrote this for LinkedIn Pulse last week. Enjoy. The Entrepreneurial Pitch The judges will be seeking something authentic, new, different. They can smell poor preparation and mediocrity from the parking lot. Remember, investors, event judges, and promoters hear a lot of presentations. It’s what they do. When it is your time to present, judges […]

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Fresh powder, azure skies. It was a perfect ski day. The pristine slopes of northern Utah had beckoned me. As a youth I frequently caught the city bus to the beautiful resort Powder Mountain. This particular day would change my outlook on life. Very early in the morning as the powder was being brushed from […]

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I recently responded to a LinkedIn query within the Succeed Group powered by Staples. Devan Marie Perine, Digital Marketing & Multimedia Top Contributor, posted the following question: “If you weren’t running your business and could do any other job, what would you do?”   Like many of you, I thought deeply about her provoking question. I thought about this […]

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Easily recognized yet rarely found are the legendary leaders, the ones who stand out. Legendary leaders create a cause and move people. They challenge the status quo and deliver, comfortably at odds with skeptics. They do not conform nor revolt. They simply lead. Consider two characteristics ever-present in those we define as legendary. Legendary leaders […]

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