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CORE™ Theory Marketing is a strategy, a tool. Growing a business requires a tool box.  1. Read and discuss Marketing 101: 2. See example of ShermanSpeaksMarketingPlan 3. Read example of going after your dream. 4.  LI 102 Workbook pages onsite    

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  Being fitted for a horseback adventure, I saw a horse from a distance and had a feeling that this would be the one. You may have felt this way about a business opportunity, a scholastic proposition, or a career choice. The horse was a black spirited filly with dark eyes and a thick black mane. She was strong. Bold. […]

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  Begin—The most important action in writing. Write a sentence. Like a brush to the canvas, each keystroke creates vision to the rendering. Let’s get to it. Using the following prompt, complete the paragraph describing what creatively comes to mind relating to business, life, adventure, etc. It will be fun: The red weathered door remained […]

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The holidays are upon us. Much of your time will be wisely spent reuniting with loved ones, sharing memories and creating new ones. It is this time of year that we express great gratitude for all that we enjoy. I posted a tweet today “I am grateful for an abundant existence full of God’s grandeur; […]

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True or False: All leadership positions are occupied by leaders?   Genuine leadership has very little to do with status, position, title, or income. It is larger than any of those. Leadership can be cultivated. It can be discovered within an employee, and it can be acquired. Leadership can move a company. It can also […]

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Find the pain, find the truth. Who gives you highly sought after straight-up answers? When you need to solve an issue or inspire a team, who do you trust to provide that uncommon and insightful perspective regarding those matters of high importance? The influence of such individuals is priceless. Why is discovering truthful insight so […]

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