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You are searching for work. You are highly talented. Smart. Yet you feel that your responses to online job postings must be dropping into some black abyss. No one calls. No one emails you. Days go by. You feel the job search blues beginning to set in. Wait! You can rise above. Paint it Differently The […]

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First written for LinkedIn. Prepositioning your opportunities is a high priority when it comes to growing business relationships. Here are a few tips that can really improve your results. 1) Set time aside at the beginning of your workweek to identify the names of five individuals with whom you wish to become more acquainted. Always […]

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A leader who sharpens no saw, who plants no seed, only harvests in the junkyard of unsustained companies. While a noble leader fosters greatness and leadership in others. Spend less time seeking to be a leader and more time developing leaders. Wisdom is all telling, hung on its walls are razor sharp saw blades and […]

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(Featured on Forbes March 21, 2014. Originally contributed to St George Health and Wellness Magazine Jan/Feb 2014 edition) Do you consider yourself to be brave? Rather than being devoid of fear, bravery is actually an act of courage. One who recognizes fear, perhaps even experiences fear, who then faces that fear courageously is most accurately associated […]

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Encourage publicly. Optimism is contagious and has a boomerang effect. Nobody jumps for joy and gets ambitious when a “downer” unloads their luggage. Be smart. Lift, edify, promote. It will come back to you.

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Touring a St George Parade of Homes is a journey in eloquence and refinement. Beauty, exquisiteness, and charm adorn the hallways. Each home unique. Each a grand display of artistry and detail. The stagecraft is genius. The talent obvious. What we learn from quality home design can be taken back to the office. Would visitors […]

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