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Written by Jeff Sherman. First published in Southern Utah Neighbors Magazine  “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” –William Shakespeare To achieve greatness is noteworthy indeed. To inspire greatness in others is an act of bravery and nobility. Brave leaders create leaders. They purposely see the greatness within […]

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Notice what happens to your energy when you speak highly of others. Affirmations leave you feeling invigorated. Happy. I enjoyed lunch the other day with my friend Wes Winsor of Wes Winsor Law. He reminds me of the fictional superhero Captain America captured in popular American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Genuine. Happy. Resolute. […]

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What do you do when a client is continuously a disaster to work with or perhaps even toxic to your business culture? Each of us do our best as team members and leaders to assure that a client has a remarkable experience while working with us. We stay in contact, we keep them informed. We […]

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In all athletics there is a hill to climb. It is literal in scaling rock. It is figurative in dance. Yet, all athletes are very familiar with hills. They seek them out. Consider your workout or the workout of a friend. Does it include hills and intervals? Do you set a 7-10% incline to your […]

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Fresh powder, azure skies. It was a perfect ski day. The pristine slopes of northern Utah had beckoned me. As a youth I frequently caught the city bus to the beautiful resort Powder Mountain. This particular day would change my outlook on life. Very early in the morning as the powder was being brushed from […]

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