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Nothing thwarts fulfillment like the mundane. Some like to write. Others read. Some like to play lacrosse or ride dirt bikes in the sand dunes. Discovering the ambitions, talents, and proficiencies of employees increases the likelihood of creating opportunity for growth. I strongly advocate that leaders draw upon the excellence of those around them to create a […]

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Consider the parable of the cookie:  XYC company decides to create a great selling cookie. They plan to build business via loads of advertising. “After we make a lot of money we will use it to make the cookies actually taste good!” This backwards mentality is obviously warped. But how real is it?  Resolve to […]

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Like many of you, business travel provides me with great learning opportunities. I frequently use them in my consulting and training as similes or metaphors. This one taught me the most.  A few years ago, General Motors held a grand training for their prestigious Cadillac Division at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel, renown for customer […]

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Laugh Often I enjoy working with a group of people who regularly make me laugh. It’s like spontaneous combustion. I especially enjoy laughing when tasks are piling up and I have shifted mechanically to autopilot. Laughter makes me human again. Have you had a good laugh lately? Boost your odds for success today by laughing. […]

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You are a leader. You possess Integrity. You maintain your character under pressure and utilize ingenuity to see beyond the obvious limitation. You dream. You create vision in others who then see your dream. You are a leader. You possess Accountability. You can laugh with the best of them. And your homemade humor isn’t half […]

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Building a marketing strategy? Begin with this question: Does your marketing plan contain strategies to create internal success? Consider how the following might impact your business: Thriving employees Creativity rewarded Ethical business practices Culture Within your business niche, competitive advantage doesn’t just show up on your doorstep knocking. Rather, it requires a cohesive, strategic, marketing […]

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