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All management positions are occupied by leaders: True or False? Answer: False. Leadership can be cultivated. It can be discovered within an employee, or it can be acquired. But to better understand how to identify leadership, we must first understand a common and problematic practice relative to management. Candidates are frequently placed into leadership roles […]

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by Jeff Sherman, VP Fulfillment, Innovation Simple Concept The universal concept of corporate strength emerging from common goals is not new to the business world. We know that people working together accomplish greater end results than individuals seeking so to do alone.  Such a culture will define a people or a company. However, culture is […]

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Why does digital marketing require quality content, human voice, and financial investment? Because content marketing, including social media, is highly sought after:  1) It’s the buzz 2) It is affordable, 3) It provides easy access to many people across multiple technological platforms. Consider digital marketing as a key dynamic of your well designed marketing strategy. […]

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by Jeff Sherman, COO Innovation Simple What was more fun for you as a child, eating the ice cream or hearing the music of the ice cream truck in your neighborhood and frantically raiding your piggy bank racing to catch the truck? Thinking back, I believe it was the whole “experience” that what made buying ice […]

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