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You will be calm, collected, and prepared to address the audience. When you next speak you will be ready, right? Here’s how to make it happen. Begin by changing the way you look at nervousness. Some years ago, my youngest son was preparing for a very competitive soccer game. He explained to his older brother […]

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Communication is about having the right stuff and knowing how to use it. The size of the audience is only a detail. Speaking impacts the success of your business. It impacts your educational pursuits. It impacts your outreach to the community in which you live. It is important that we realize that communication is much […]

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St George Area Chamber of Commerce presents Chamber Trainer, Jeff Sherman, President at ShermanSpeaks LLC Challenging businesses require many hats. None so daunting as that of a leader and visionary. Leadership training expert Jeff Sherman is facilitating a training designed to help. Start cracking the code. Become stronger. Increase your effectiveness. Learn for yourself. Start practicing […]

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Scenario: Your efforts have contributed extensively to company market share. Senior executives have invited you to present during an upcoming annual convention. When this happens to you, will you be ready? Will you be calm and collected, prepared to address the crowd? Or will your blood pressure go up! Many speakers likely experience dry mouth, […]

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Planning a speech? The first 30 seconds will determine your success. What others have said and done is irrelevant. This is your speech and the audience will be seeking something authentic. They can smell poor preparation and mediocrity from the parking lot. Learn from the best, but don’t copy them. That is a common mistake […]

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10) Master listening before speaking. 9) Aim for the heart. 8) Fluff is for pillows, speak on purpose. 7) “Ready–FIRE!–aim” reduces your chances. 6) Find a mentor. Free advice is too expensive! 5) Body language is vital. Review past speeches with the sound muted. 4) Eye to eye connectivity draws in the audience. 3) Humor […]

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