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The holidays are upon us. Much of your time will be wisely spent reuniting with loved ones, sharing memories and creating new ones. It is this time of year that we express great gratitude for all that we enjoy.

I posted a tweet today “I am grateful for an abundant existence full of God’s grandeur; the relationships, friendships, and bounteous blessings afforded me. Life.”

I thank you readers for the support and prosperity you have provided me. It is this gratitude we share that sets us up for success. In gratitude we weigh out the things that matter most in our lives.

During your relaxing time this holiday, you will have desires to reflect and to change. You will want to be a better person, a better friend. You will think of family. You will recognize a need to balance your life.

To change you will need these three things: a secluded space, 30 minutes, and a pen. Going forward in 2015 you can direct your life, transforming it where necessary, into the path you choose.

Prepositioning your opportunities (creating them beforehand) is a high priority when it comes to growing business and relationships in 2015. Here are a few tips that can really improve your results.

Once secluded, write the following question on a piece of paper: “What must I do to become a better person.” Write the immediate thoughts you have. Don’t fix them nor over think them. Don’t change them. Just write your thoughts.

Secondly, ask “How do I become a better friend?” Again write only what quickly comes to mind.

Thirdly, place all attention to your family. Ask “As I become a better person and a better friend, what can I change to be a better part of my family?”

Lastly, ask “How do I create balance in my life.”

Answers to these questions are very easy to rationalize. But here is a simple truth. The solutions to our concerns and issues in life are all around us. We are enveloped by them. Listen instead of rationalizing your thoughts. You have written the very cues that will redirect your 2015. Yes prosperity will increase. More importantly, your feelings of adequacy and fulfillment will heighten and in the wake change your life.

Additional ideas to grow your success:

1) Set time aside at the beginning of your workweek to identify the names of five individuals with whom you wish to become more acquainted. Always plan to create a win-win scenario. Learn how you might serve them as you bring your talents and abilities to the relationship.

2) Discover others in your network that may have connections to individuals on your list. Let them know that you are seeking opportunities to meet. Also, identify community and social circles where an opportunity to meet may be enhanced.

3) Become a connector of others. Look for ways that you can help people meet and grow their business relationships. Connecting others creates good will and fuels future connectivity.

LinkedIn is a great tool to use in searching out other like minded business professionals. Within the tool, you can easily isolate the profiles of those who may best assist you in creating opportunities to interact with others. People you already know can introduce you to those you seek to meet. It is imperative that you use the tool as it was designed. Grow your LinkedIn relationships through quality interaction and service. Quality will always surpass quantity in social applications when seeking to grow lasting business relations.

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