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In all athletics there is a hill to climb. It is literal in scaling rock. It is figurative in dance. Yet, all athletes are very familiar with hills. They seek them out.

Consider your workout or the workout of a friend. Does it include hills and intervals? Do you set a 7-10% incline to your treadmill? Do you run stairs or mountain bike?

Trainers and coaches alike recognize that summiting hills requires powerful athleticism and mental assertiveness. Hill intervals increase maximal cardio volume by training the heart to move more blood per beat. Hill intervals also heighten neuromuscular stamina as the brain increases the signal to fire muscle to get the job done (Jeff Gaudette, 11-22-2013).

It is very interesting to me that in athleticism, top performers seek out hills. It is as if they love the challenge, the overcoming. David Williams, CEO of Fishbowl Inventory and author of the book 7 Non-Negotiables of Winning,  knows much about overcoming. His personal hills have encouraged him to seek the summit and to lead others to do the same. David hires athletes. He teaches “But when I advise people to seek and hire athletes, what I am really referring to is the athlete traits (akin to leadership traits) that make any individual an exceptional hire” (Forbes 10-2-2013).

Have you discovered the career athlete inside of you? Do you seek hills in your business? Are the challenges ahead of you viewed as training intervals? How will overcoming the problematic climb and reaching the summit increase the capacity of your heart? How might your brain increase in capacity to get the job done?

The lessons of this life are many, and rich in their capacity to train our soul. Seek the hills. Train for them. The views are majestic and the rewards high.

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