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I recently responded to a LinkedIn query within the Succeed Group powered by Staples. Devan Marie Perine, Digital Marketing & Multimedia Top Contributor, posted the following question:

“If you weren’t running your business and could do any other job, what would you do?”


Like many of you, I thought deeply about her provoking question. I thought about this juncture in my life and about my family; about what I have learned over the years. Here is my response:

Earlier this year, a young child was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up; his answer profound. “Kind.” I want to emulate that mindset. Stepping aside and allowing time for a new adventure I would help young marrieds stay in love, promote family harmony, and build community. I would speak to the youth all over the globe and at home relaying the beautiful value of their minds and dreams. I would listen more. I would go outside and play “kick-the-can” with my children more frequently. I would laugh more. I would pray more. I would listen.

This morning I spoke with a woman who expressed her desire to start her own business. She passionately described in detail her offering, her shop, and her future staff. She spoke of details. I could see that familiar excitement in her eye. After listening for sometime, I expressed my obvious opinion. “It is time. Go make it happen.”

Do you have a dream? Is there something that you would really like to do? Are you bored? Before dropping everything, examine if the passion inside of you is coupled with market knowledge, insightful studies, data analysis, and a business plan. Discover the feasibility. Is there a demand? Do you know how to be a top contender in your specific niche?

This beautiful green earth spins for each of us seemingly only a short time.  If you have performed your due diligence, and you have the wherewithal to see it through, then by all means it’s time; go make it happen. If you could, what would you do?

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