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Marriage is a beautiful thing. Magical really. I have learned a lot over the years and I can tell you that little things mean everything to women. Let’s make a list of ways a guy can let his spouse know that he loves her. We will discuss good, better, and best practices.

Make her dinner? Yes, good. Including a single rose on the table; better. Washing the dishes afterward expecting nothing in return; best. Remember, do things “just because” and leave it at that. When you are kind with no ulterior motive, love flourishes.

Maintain a clean and tidy bathroom? Yes, good. After shaving, rinsing and drying the sink with a towel; better. Occasionally leaving a note? Best.

Here is a fun tip. Typically she has an eye pencil that is nearly used up. This makes a great writing tool for creating a love note on the bathroom mirror (never use her newest eye pencil, the result is not good). Above the sink you might write a short note using her nickname “Look at this beautiful face! I love you, sweetie.” Be sure to purchase a new eye pencil and place it on the counter with a small ribbon tied around it. She will realize the trouble you went to and she will feel special. 

Filling her car with gasoline unexpectedly? Yes, good. Washing her car in addition; better. Placing her favorite beverage in the drink holder; best. Providing a car full of gas says I enjoy helping you. Washing her car says I respect you. Including her beverage says I care about you.

If you need to leave town for business and your spouse typically retrieves the mail while you are away, consider mailing her a random love note of appreciation. Good. Including an old photo of the two of you when you were first dating; better. In addition to the photo, including two reserved tickets to her favorite event dated shortly after you return will say I can’t wait to see you again. Best.

Come home to each other happily. Sure, both of you work hard. Life is exhausting at times. But remember, lifting one another and reassuring one another makes the evening more restful. Happiness in marriage is found in the moments not the weeks, months, or years.

Now, think of some things you would like to do for her and ask yourself if it is good, better, or best. Expect nothing in return. Start slowly and subtly. Stay within your budget. It isn’t about the money. Its about her. Some of the best gifts are not purchased. Spend quality time together. Help her. And make her laugh.

Marriage is a beautiful magical thing.



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