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Touring a St George Parade of Homes is a journey in eloquence and refinement. Beauty, exquisiteness, and charm adorn the hallways. Each home unique. Each a grand display of artistry and detail. The stagecraft is genius. The talent obvious.

What we learn from quality home design can be taken back to the office. Would visitors of your business describe it with terms such as eloquence or refinement. Is your product, people, or ethic a work of beauty? Is the business exquisite genius down to the detail?

If you were on “display” as a business, would your company be a crowd pleaser? It would be, if, like quality homes, you were made of the best from design to implementation and if you planned, prepared, and acted upon that design. I’m not discussing the beauty of your furniture. Nor am I considering the decor. What I speak of is larger than any of that: your culture.

Does your business culture shine? Are your people the best at their trade? Do they work in harmony in every detail? Is the end product a work of art? Is your attrition low and your collaboration high?

Learn from the parade. Show your excellence. Open your doors to creativity and your windows to integrity. Let all who walk your halls be lifted and made to enjoy the experience.

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