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Notice what happens to your energy when you speak highly of others. Affirmations leave you feeling invigorated. Happy.

I enjoyed lunch the other day with my friend Wes Winsor of Wes Winsor Law. He reminds me of the fictional superhero Captain America captured in popular American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Genuine. Happy. Resolute.

During the meal, we began speaking about his upbringing. “I don’t recall ever feeling like my parents were disappointed in me,” he said. “ They only supported me. They taught me independence.” I visually noticed that his energy grew brighter as he spoke highly of his family.

Speaking highly of others impacts not ourselves only, but those listening as well. I too felt invigorated seeing and hearing Wes express his thoughts.

The very words we choose to say drive in many cases our outlook and invariably our results. “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” – Willie Nelson, Country Singer. BrainyQuote.

We can test the validity of this idea in our homes and at work. Take note of the language you choose as you speak of others. Do you edify? Lift? Do you cause the energy in others to heighten? Do you brighten the room with your affirmations?

Related tip: When business is stressful or problematic, take a short break and handwrite a Thank You card to someone deserving. Mail it. Gratitude combats negativity. It is a travel companion to joy. With gratitude in your heart, return to work with renewed energy and optimism.

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