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BeginThe most important action in writing. Write a sentence. Like a brush to the canvas, each keystroke creates vision to the rendering.

Let’s get to it. Using the following prompt, complete the paragraph describing what creatively comes to mind relating to business, life, adventure, etc. It will be fun: The red weathered door remained unlocked, again. It was later than I expected, light shone through the glass. As I stepped into the doorway…

Some days you will write to expand your learning. Others, you might write to escape. Some days it is a sentence. And on especially gratifying days it may be a page or two. It will be very much like painting. Find what you enjoy writing about. What makes you smile, strategize, succeed, or become courageous.

[Stop here until you have completed the prompt above]

When writing consider your topics wisely, authentically. Write what you know. Perhaps you travel for business or wish to do so. Help others travel more enjoyably by sharing what you have learned. Perhaps a coworker has taught you a great deal about preparedness. Share what impresses you in the workplace.

Your readers will appreciate your vulnerability and professionalism. Think of your specific audience as you write. You may choose to share your gains or pains, your remorse, your joy. Perhaps today you look only at a blank page with a goal to become a writer. Begin.

Here is my prompt result: As I stepped into the doorway…I saw her writing, the words unfolding their meaning. She is free to experience her mind–I know because I read her work. Again and again I see her soul on paper. Tomorrow is the deadline. Again she stays late. I must speak with her about that. Go home I will say.

I look forward to reading your prompt results. Begin.

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